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"Maybe Candy Store Affiliate Program"?

What is Maybe Candy Store?

Maybe Candy Store was founded in 2020 by a girl who wants to start her own business and asked herself "What can I do?”. 

“Maybe Candy Store” was the name that came up while talking about this idea with her housemates. It has a meaning like “I don’t know what it is yet but it may be sweet like a candy and may give the comfort and happiness that candy gives”. 

Although she started with second-hand clothes and jewelry that she designed herself when she was a student, now she sells clothes of her own designs. 

After moving from Turkey to Japan in 2022,  made a fresh start with a new website. 

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Maybe Candy Affiliate Program is a program that allows you to get a sales commission from each product in exchange for selling products through a link specially prepared for you.

In this program, you can give special discount codes to your customers, friends and followers. Special discount codes are also given to sellers (member of maybe candy store affiliate program).

This program is powered by Shopify Collabs and you can track all your sales and sales commissions from this platform.

How to Get Start in Maybe Candy Affiliate Program?

It's easy to join the program. All you have to do is click "join our community" on the website or click the link below to register.

What are Profits of this program?

  • Best thing about this program is beginners friendly. Since it is a new program, they accept everyone. 
  • Promotion almost anywhere online
  • WorldWide 
  • High commisions for beginners

(***affiliate link disclaimer*** This article contains affiliate links to products that you may find useful. If you click on these links and you decide to purchase any of the products, I will make a commission for the sale of that product.)


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